We bring good news for nature and jaguar lovers: Uacari Lodge promotes a unique experience in the heart of the Amazon, in Mamiraua Reserve, which has the highest densities of jaguars in the world! A small and privileged group of tourists will have the chance to join the Jaguar Expedition, only four visitors per trip, in the company of the researchers. This is the opportunity to take part in a scientific expedition, which aims to find a jaguar, the third-largest feline in the world….

An Insider’s Guide to Brazil’s 6 Most Popular Tourism Destinations

Whichever way you decide to travel in Brazil, one thing is for sure. You’ll have an incredible adventure! From incredible beaches and vibrant cities, to the Amazon and wide-open wetlands, Brazil has something for everyone. Natural attractions for outdoor enthusiasts, arts and history for culture vultures, and some of the best parties in the...

Juma Opera – Manaus

New Properties In August’s news edition we bring you five exciting new properties to keep an eye on. Juma Opera in Manaus, which after many years under construction is finally opening its doors in September and promises to be one of the best options for short stays in the city. Juma Opera - ManausThe long-awaited Juma Opera...