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Brazil Carnival

Information about Carnival in Brazil – Rio de Janeiro and Salvador

Brazil is indeed the land of party and Carnival is the most exciting of all Brazilian celebrations. It´s the long awaited week when everyone is the same and life is to be enjoyed.

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The whole of Brazil have some kind of carnival celebration. Click below to read about the two top carnival destinations in the world.

Rio de Janeiro Carnival

Carnival in Rio city can be enjoyed in different ways.

The most famous is the Parade where Samba Schools provide a huge spectacle of colours and creativity.

This incredible performance can be watched from grandstands or you may choose to buy a costume and take part in the parade.

You may prefer the Glamorous Fancy Dress or Black tie Copacabana Palace Ball, where you may find local celebrities and prestigious people from all over the world.

Alternatively, you may choose to go to the many Squares where spontaneous Street Parties take place animated by blocos and bands in fancy dress or not.

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Salvador Carnival

The biggest street party in the world, Carnival in Salvador can be as interactive as you would like it to be.

There are 2 circuits where trios (music trucks) – famous or not – parade the streets. And a third circuit, which is more “unplugged”.

Fans buy the trios’ t-shirts (abadás) and follow their favorite band/artist for many kilometers.You may choose to Join the Trio or prefer to watch from a Hospitality Box (Camarote), air conditioned verandas which include food and drinks and all kinds of VIP services like special make-up and relaxing massages.

Another option is the Pipoca, where you walk close to the trios without buying the t-shirts. You cannot get “in” together with the trio, but there is no cost.

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