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Salvador, Bahia, Brazil

As diverse and unique as the country itself, our Custom Amazon Group Travel Packages, Tours and Vacations have numerous options for your dream trip to the Amazon. They include flights, hotels, transfers, tours, meals and everything else you may like.

With many years of experience and expert knowledge of the Brazilian Amazon, our Travel Agents and Consultants know all the ins and outs of Amazon travel and can advise you on how to best enjoy the Amazon’s amazing destinations according to what YOU like and consider important.

Our website will display examples of Custom Amazon Group Travel Packages, Tours and Vacations we have designed in the past for our clients. Let us know what makes YOUR perfect Amazon vacation package and let us arrange all the details and logistics of your holiday so you can relax and enjoy.

Explore the Amazon awe-inspiring expanses of water and forest, where the sheer vastness leaves a lasting impression. Delve into the diverse realm of animals, birds, flowers, fruits, and insects, many of which reside high among the treetops or remain concealed within the lush undergrowth. Whether they come to life at night or thrive underwater, these captivating elements of the Amazon biome await your discovery. Allow us to guide you towards the most remarkable rendezvous with nature through our meticulously curated Signature Travel Experiences for groups.