Top 10 Things to do in Amazon

1. Take a jungle tour

Explore the Amazon rainforest with an experienced guide who can show you the diverse wildlife and plant species that exist in this unique environment.


2. Visit Manaus

The capital city of the Amazonas state is an excellent place to learn about the history and culture of the region, including the famous Teatro Amazonas opera house.

3. Go fishing

The Amazon River is home to hundreds of fish species, including the famous piranha. Hire a local guide and try your luck catching some fish for dinner.


4. Meet the local tribes

There are over 400 indigenous tribes living in the Brazilian Amazon. Arrange a visit to one of these communities and learn about their way of life and customs.


5. Explore the Anavilhanas Archipelago

This cluster of over 400 islands is located in the middle of the Rio Negro and is an excellent place to see wildlife, such as pink river dolphins.


6. Visit the Mamiraua Sustainable Development Reserve

This reserve is home to some of the most endangered species in the Amazon, such as the white uakari monkey and the Amazonian manatee.


7. Take a boat ride down the Rio Negro

The Rio Negro is the largest left tributary of the Amazon River and has many beautiful landscapes to explore.


8. Visit the Encontro das Aguas

This is where the Rio Negro and Solimoes Rivers meet to form the Amazon River. The different colors of the waters create a striking contrast.

9. Go birdwatching

The Amazon is home to over 1,500 bird species, including macaws, toucans, and parrots. Join a birdwatching tour to see some of these colorful creatures.


10. Experience the local cuisine

Try some of the traditional Amazonian dishes, such as the famous fish stew called “moqueca” or the “tacaca” soup made with tucupi and jambu leaves.

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