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Porto Seguro, the oldest of Brazilian cities, truly is the picture of the country which history founded. Beautiful and marvelous by nature, fights to become modernized and to improve its infrastructure. Various sub-districts to the north and south form the city of Porto Seguro.

They are filled with indescribable scenery, paradises sought by tourists from around the globe. Of course, the Argentines are the majority and make the local commerce happy. At least 90% of the business is based on tourism. Hotels, side by side, confirm the theory that everyone wants to start a business like that in Bahia. Yes, because the true ‘Baiano’ (person from Bahia) is minority in local business ventures. People from Minas Gerais, Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Japan, Argentina, Porto Alegre and various migrants mix together in a never-ending arrangement.

The ‘easy going’ manner of the Baiano is a complaint reason for visiting residents, for not working as they do. ‘Turn-over is high’, storeowners say, who have a hard time with labor in the region. It’s easy to understand why the natives do not like to work much. The setting doesn’t stimulate them. Hot all year long, Porto Seguro has beautiful beaches, with green and blue tones that make photographers happy.

The warm water and palms, besides lagoons, rivers, and sea cliffs produce ‘post card’ settings all of the time. You can take a five-minute ferry ride from Porto Seguro to the very charming and international Arraial D’Ajuda over the Buranhéim River or continue a little further down the beach to Trancoso. Similar to Búzios in Rio de Janeiro, Arraial and Trancoso are locations where it’s common to see famous artists from the entire world. They both offer sophisticated products and services.

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