Brazilian Amazon Custom Group Travel Package – Anavilhanas and Uakari Jungle Lodges (7 Nights)

Brazilian Amazon Custom Group Travel Package – Anavilhanas and Uakari Jungle Lodges (7 Nights)

Brazilian Amazon Custom Group Travel Package – Anavilhanas and Uakari Jungle Lodges (7 Nights)

The two of the best places to see some of the Amazon incredible wildlife are at the Anavilhanas Jungle Lodge and the Uakari Lodge. Experience the Brazilian Amazon with this 7 Nights Personalized Vacation Package with Private Tours and Transfers.
This is a Sample Custom Brazilian Amazon Vacation Package we have created for Groups in the past.
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We focus on Groups of 8 or more Travelers.

Brazilian Amazon Custom Group Travel Package at the Anavilhanas and Uakari Jungle Lodges

The legendary Amazon is one of the planet’s enigmas. It is the world’s largest river basin, and also the planet’s greatest rainforest. Within the Amazon Basin resides a wealth of life richer than any place else on earth, and millions of species still remain undiscovered. Two of the best places to see some of this incredible wildlife are at the Anavilhanas Jungle Lodge and the Uacari Lodge.

The Anavilhanas Jungle Lodge will enhance your contact with the surrounding nature. Offering walking trails, bird watching tours, boat tours, jungle night treks and survival tours this Lodge is a truly unique place, situated about 3 – 4 hours drive from Manaus.

Uakari Lodge, situated near the small city of Tefe (1.5 hours SSW by commercial plane from Manaus), is strategically located off a tributary of the Solimoes River making it an ideal place to observe the abundance of wildlife such as birds, monkeys, caiman, dolphins, fish and much more. Its 5 floating cabins guarantee close contact with nature at all times.



  • Transfers and tours in private vehicles with English-speaking guide. Due to nature of some tours the vehicles might not be air-conditioned.


  • Easy to moderate. The Anavilhanas Jungle Lodge nor Uakari Lodge permit children under 10 yrs. Tropical weather and direct sunlight demands sun protection and plenty of fluids.

Group Size:

  • Any group size.


  • Tourist activities on ground with our specialized guides.

Day by Day Itinerary

This is a Sample Anavilhanas and Uakari Jungle Lodges Travel Itinerary that we have created for customers in the past.

Day 1 – Anavilhanas Lodge
At the Manaus airport you will be met by a representative of the Anavilhanas Jungle Lodge and taken to the lodge by vehicle (trip is approximately 3 – 4 hours). After checking in at the lodge you will have dinner and be taken on a jungle night trek to see giant spiders and fluorescent fungus.

Day 2 – Anavilhanas Lodge
After breakfast you will appreciate a jungle trek with emphasis on eco system by showing diversity of trees and plants. After lunch departure to one of survival camps where night will be spend and from where nocturnal trek is organized.

Day 3 – Anavilhanas Lodge
Early morning departure for Amazon River trip where a canoe is boarded and will visit the highlights this region has to offer. Giant waterlilies, dolphin spotting for the grey and pink dolphins, birdwatching, fishing on piranha and catfish completed with alligator spotting in the early evening.

Day 4 – Anavilhanas Lodge
After checking out of the Anavilhanas Lodge you will be driven to the Manaus airport early in the morning to catch a flight to Tefe. At the airport in Tefe you will be met by one of the representatives from the Uakari Lodge and taken to the dock area and then in a speed boat to the Lodge. The boat journey lasts about one and a half hours. You will arrive at the Lodge just before lunch and will be given an orientation by the Uakari Lodge manager. After lunch at the Lodge you will have some time to relax and settle in before going on a tour in the afternoon. The tour will be either a walking trail to see wildlife in the flooded forest, or a canoe trip through the small tributaries to see wildlife along the banks of the rivers.

Day 5 – Uakari Lodge
You need to wake up early at around 6.30am to have breakfast at 7am. Your morning tour will set off at roughly 7.30am. This is the best time to see animals and also the temperature is cooler and therefore more amenable to do jungle tours. You will come back for lunch and then have a couple of hours after lunch to rest and prepare for the afternoon tour. There is a book and video library which you may use at liberty. The afternoon tour departs at roughly 3pm and returns at about 6pm. Supper is served in the main dining room and occasionally the researchers from the Mamiraua Institute will join. One of the evenings during your stay at the Lodge you will be shown a presentation of the flooded forest after dinner.

Day 6 – Uakari Lodge
During these 3 days the tours will be a variety of the following:Lake Mamiraua Trip – by motorized canoe to a beautiful lake inside the Reserve, where you will have an opportunity to see a plethora of birds, monkeys, pink dolphins, black caiman and perhaps the pirarucu fish. You will stay at the Lake until sunset and on your way back you will spot nocturnal fauna. During this night spotting you will be able to see various sized Caymans and if you are lucky small fish attracted by the lights will jump into the boat by the hundreds. Daily walks along one of the jungle trails in the company of experienced guides, to see capuchin monkeys, howlers, uakaris, squirrel monkeys, three toed sloths and hoatzin birds among many other species. Traditional native Indian harpoon fishing where, depending on how dedicated you are, you can expect to catch a variety of fish. Trip to visit a local riverine Caboclo” village in order to interact and get to know the Amazonian population and way of life. Paddling trips in dugout canoes where you will see a rich variety of birdlife and fauna.

Day 7 – Uakari Lodge
Your tour options will be explained to you by your guide. See Day 6 above for details.

Day 8 – Uakari Lodge
On the last day of your trip you will check out of the Uakari Lodge after breakfast and say goodbye to one of the most magical places in the world. One of the guides from Uakari will then take you by speed boat to Tefe where you will be driven to the airport to catch a plane to Manaus. We are certain that you will have enjoyed your trip and we look forward to seeing you again in Brazil.

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Amazon Jungle Lodge Options

Manaus Hotel Options

Amazon Jungle Lodge Tour Options

(tours may vary according to your lodge and season)

  • Upon arrival your guide will explain all the many tour options offered at your Jungle Lodge
  • Jungle night trek looking for giant spiders and fluorescent fungus
  • Jungle treks to see flora and fauna with demonstrations of survival techniques
  • Full day Forest Trip with emphasis on wildlife
  • Full Day Amazon River Trip to view the meeting of the waters – Amazon River and the Rio Negro
  • Fishing trip & Pink Dolphin sighting, bird watching and alligator spotting
  • Walking trails through the flooded forest (during the rainy season – boat trips)
  • Native Indian Harpoon fishing techniques
  • Trip to Igapos (flooded jungle) and Igarapes (streams) in motorized canoe for fishing and to see a variety of wildlife
  • Paddling trips in dugout canoes to see birdlife and fauna
  • Trip to visit a local river in a Caboclo village
  • Visit to local Research Institute
  • Jungle night trek looking for nocturnal animals and insects
  • Canoeing the Rio Negro riverbanks
  • Nocturnal sightseeing at Anavilhanas Archipelago
  • Tour on Anavilhanas Archipelago
  • Hiking the mainland jungle
  • Recreational Piranha Fishing
  • Sunrise contemplation
  • Camping overnight in the jungle to experience the Amazon by night
  • Fishing and survival trips, such as learning how to make your own blow gun

Amazon Boat Tour Options

  • Sailing upstream the Amazon River and to the Anavilhanas archipelago
  • Meeting of the Waters’ – where the Amazon and Rio Negro Rivers meet
  • Trip in motorized canoe to see a variety of wildlife and bird watching
  • Visit to the boulevard of Ponta Negra and folkloric show
  • Visit to small typical Amazon communities
  • Famous black piranha Fishing and alligator spotting

Manaus Tour Options

  • City tour including the Manaus Theater and Opera House, Dock area, municipal port market (a replica of the old Les Halles market in Paris) and a choice of either the Native Indian Museum or the Museum of Natural History
  • Full Day Amazon River Trip to view the meeting of the waters – Amazon River and the Rio Negro
  • Tour Options Aboard the Iberostar Grand Amazon Cruise Ship
  • Motorboat ride through Lago do Risco, Lago de Santa Rita do Raman and Island Santa Cruz
  • Party Festa dos Bois
  • Motorboat ride through an Igarape and Trekking
  • Visit to archeological site
  • Workmanship and Indian’s traditions
  • Visit to the Guaraná fields in Maué
  • Folkloric Show The Legend of the Guaraná
  • Piranha fishing
  • Visit to the Meeting of the Waters
  • Presentations: Amazon Forest, Ecosystems, Local habits and Folklore, Amazon fishes
  • Meeting the famous pink dolphin