Top of Mind Travel Destination: Salvador, Bahia

Top of Mind Travel Destination: Salvador, Bahia

The prestigious Condé Nast Traveler magazine listed the 10 destinations in the world to visit in 2020 and fourth is Salvador da Bahia, one of our favorite places in Brazil. It’s more than 450 years of history, and the mix of European, African and indigenous heritages has resulted in one of Brazil’s most exciting musical, dance and culinary styles that became the soul of Salvador. The beautiful architectural heritage of houses and churches has been painstakingly restored enhancing the beauty of Portuguese-Brazilian colonial baroque and creating new spaces for museums, hotels, restaurants and shops.

The journalist Lizzie Pook opens her text with an important appeal about recent news that circulated about Brazil: “The Amazon fires made headlines across the world in 2019, shining a light on unsustainable logging, deforestation and mining in one of the planet’s most threatened ecological regions. But instead of foregoing travel to these areas, experts argue we should be supporting them more than ever. So don’t write off Brazil just yet. Studies have found that eco-tourism, when done well, is the most profitable use of land in the long term, providing sustainable employment for local people, warding off takeover by polluting big business and protecting the incredible biodiversity of the region.

And about Salvador, she continues: “After completing a five-year historical preservation initiative to save its UNESCO designation, heady, Afro-Brazilian Salvador is booming. The country’s skill for throwing one hell of a party is celebrated at the new House of Carnival, which dedicates four floors to revelry and rhythm.”

We were in Salvador last month to see this change up-close and we can say that it goes beyond the historical district of Pelourinho. There are newly opened hotels, others under renovation; new museums being built, some being renovated; the old buildings in the lower city’s commercial district of Comercio are being retrofitted to receive the municipal administration; the seafront avenues were redesigned to create recreation areas and enhance the view of the beautiful Todos os Santos Bay; the airport has been privatized and is receiving $ 175 million in investment; and by the end of the year, the city will feature a new waterfront convention center.

In addition to all this good news, we will soon have new tours in the city. Part of our visit was to test new activities taking advantage of everything that Salvador has to offer.

In addition to CN Traveler, Salvador had already been recommended by The New York Times, National Geographic, Sunday Times Travel, Architectural Digest and Fodor’s as one of the places to travel in 2019. We are very happy with this recognition, Salvador deserves it!

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