New Corcovado train

New Corcovado train


The most recognized tourist attraction in Brazil has just received an upgrade. The Corcovado train that takes tourists to Christ the Redeemer statue has been exchanged for a more modern, comfortable and fast model.

The 3824-meter train line that connects the top of Corcovado Hill to Cosme Velho station was inaugurated long before the statue was built in 1884, and inaugurated by Pedro II, Brazil’s last emperor. In 1910, the machinery was changed and it became the first line of electric trains in the country.

In 1922, when the construction of Christ the Redeemer began, the materials were taken to the summit by train. The statue was inaugurated on October 12, 1931. Before that, there was only a gazebo at the belvedere. In 1979 the cogwheel was replaced by more modern ones, which were now replaced.

The new trains, also brought from Switzerland, are larger, with panoramic roof windows, carrying 154 people each climb, in a shorter time, just 15 minutes. The experience of crossing the lush Tijuca Forest by train is even more enjoyable, as the large windows allow a better view of the surrounding vegetation. And when you reach the top, the view of the marvellous city remains one of the most beautiful in the world!

Here is a video of the new trains and the experience of riding it: