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Pousada Solar dos Ventos – Fernando de Noronha – Brazil

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4 star

The Pousada Solar dos Ventos in the National Park archipelago of Fernando de Noronha is one of our hand-picked accommodations in this natural paradise.

Pousada Solar dos Ventos – Fernando de Noronha – Brazil

The beautiful rustic decoration and the stunning ocean view make this place a very special destination. Solar dos Ventos has a great location, merely 300 meters from “Baía do Sueste” or Southeast Bay, the main feeding and mating place for sea turtles, lobsters, rays, infinite varieties of fish, and even octopuses. Fernando de Noronha is a paradise for scuba divers. Its beauties include turquoise waters, white sand beaches, exotic forests, historical sites, and bohemian bars and restaurants. Pousada Solar dos Ventos will help you better experience the amazing natural refuge of Fernando de Noronha.

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Rooms And Suites


Master Luxury Bungalow

  • Large room (approximately 50m2)
  • King size bed
  • Closet
  • Safe
  • 42″ LCD TV
  • Sky TV
  • DVD player
  • Fridge
  • Mini wine cellar
  • Telephone
  • Hot shower
  • Split air conditioning
  • Private balcony overlooking the sea


Luxury Bungalow

  • Large room (approximately 40m2)
  • King size bed
  • Closet
  • Safe
  • 42″ LCD TV
  • Sky TV
  • DVD player
  • Fridge
  • Mini wine cellar
  • Telephone
  • Hot shower
  • Split air conditioning
  • Private balcony overlooking the sea

Hotel Amenities

With beautiful views of the South East Beach and from 40m2 to 50m2 of area, the bungalows are the finest of the Hotel
and offer a high standard of structure in Fernando de Noronha.

The salads, made with leaves and vegetables produced in the garden, and fish brought the sea of Fernando de Noronha, are seasoned with a rich flavor on this distinctive menu.

Sustainable Practices
We can say that, “in practice”, this concept of sustainability is to promote farming areas or the use of planetary resources (natural or otherwise)
in order to cause the least damage the balance between the environment and human communities and all biosphere that depend on them to exist.

Develop sustainable practices is not just for the future of our hostel, but also for the benefit of our future generations.

We adopted the selective collection and all our waste is separated to be sent for recycling.
Thus, we save nature’s resources and decrease the amount of waste, one of the great problems of our times.

For waste minimization adopted the 3 Rs: Reduce waste first avoiding waste, after Reuse everything we can before throwing away and only then send to Recycle.

Thus, we can reduce pollution of soil, water, air, energy and water saving, allow the recycling of materials that go to waste, conserve soil, reduce waste, among other benefits.

The electricity in Fernando de Noronha is generated through the consumption of fossil fuels – like diesel oil, used in plant Shark.
Thus the island results in high per capita carbon dioxide emissions.
Considering reducing our carbon footprint in the Inn’s facilities, we use about 10% of solar energy and 5% wind energy.
In addition, to reduce energy consumption, trade all the old equipment only to those who have reviewed in the PROCEL seal and the lamps used at our facilities are fluorescent or LED.

Water is a finite resource and not as abundant as it might seem, therefore, must be saved.
Fernando de Noronha Island has the country’s largest water desalination that turns seawater into drinking water to meet the population,
accounting for 90% of supply of island.The rest comes from Xaréu.

All our bungalows and dependencies have gutters to collect rainwater that is used in our garden.
In addition to our Water Treatment System Mizumo responsible for the recycling of water from toilets, showers and laundry returning to toilets.

In bathrooms new bungalows, all discharges have Duo system, this type of finishing is composed of two keys,
one for liquids which generates a stream of water around 3 liters and the other for having a 6 waste water flow l.

We always chose the recycled paper, only print the necessary, in economy mode and use both sides of the sheet.
The making of more paper makes them more felled trees, increasing global warming and reducing the quality of air and water.

We avoid the disposable industry: to brew your coffee freshly baked, prefer the strainer cloth.
In the restaurant we use cloth napkins and American synthetic fiber game.
Anyway, every product that you use, wash and use again instead of playing outside.

We opted for products and services produced locally.
In addition, we have a vegetable garden from where the majority of freshly baked ingredients for preparation of dishes in our restaurant.

In our reception, we have specific collection boxes for batteries.
The cells contaminated water and soil, cadmium and mercury and toxic fumes in the atmosphere.

Tips for working with the environment during your stay:


Ration the use of air conditioning. In most cases, an open window solves the trouble of heat. With this attitude you prevent 900 kg of carbon dioxide per year, rise to the atmosphere;
Avoid turning on lights during the day. Open windows, curtains and let the sunshine brighten your bungalow;
Do not leave your charger into the outlet without the same is being used;
Change the TV for a good book, we have several options at our reception;


Turn off the tap while brushing your teeth! With the tap, are wasted 50-80 liters of water. Learn how to use the tap with the least possible flow. An open faucet lets run from 12 to 20 liters of water per minute.
Become a guardian of the water. Exit out there closing taps are dripping, encourage and show friends and family the importance of using this resource consciously.
Do not throw paper in the toilet, so we will reduce the amount of water used in flushing.
Do not delay in the bath is spent on average 160 liters of water over a 10 minute bath. But we can try to reduce this time closing the shower to soap or washing your hair. So, save in a year, about 30 thousand liters of water.

Amenities of Pousada Solar dos Ventos – Fernando de Noronha – Brazil

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Pousada Solar dos Ventos – Fernando de Noronha – Brazil

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