Eco Park Jungle Lodge – Amazon – Brazil

Eco Park Jungle Lodge – Amazon – Brazil

Amazon Eco Park Jungle Lodge is located in the middle of the Amazon Rain Forest just 60 minutes by boat from Manaus. The Lodge is on the banks of the Rio Trauma which is a tributary of Rio Negro (Black River).

Eco Park Jungle Lodge

The lodge is a private tourism complex as well as ascientific and educational enterprise operating since 1991. The lodging infrastructure was inaugurated in 1995 and Ecopark Jungle Lodge is located on the Tarumᅢᆪ River approximately one hour from the Manaus airport. (transfer by van or bus and regional river boat). All bungalows are comfortable and pleasantly decorated,while maintaining a rustic and original atmosphere. There are several fresh water streams, jungle trails with diverse vegetation including virgin forests,natural savannas, and creeks for canoeing.

Hotel Activities

Eco Park Lodge Monkey Forest

The center for rehabilitation and re-introduction of wild animals (known as the Monkey forest),was created in 1991 with the intention of receiving animals which have been confiscated from illegal commerce. This is a joint project with the Municipal Secretary of Environment and Sustainability.

In this center,the animals are initially put into quarentine to be evaluated and taken care of by a team of vetenarians and biologists. With a high success rate since the start,the animals manage to reproduce naturally,creating new families and ensuring survival of the spieces.
In partnership with the FFV (Live Forest Foundation),a non profit institution overseen by Amazon Ecopark Lodge,a unique feeding system has been developed.

Twice a day,(10:30 & 15:30),the animals receive supplements of their natural diet,ensuring that they are being fed the necessary nutrients.
The Monkey Forest is open to guests at feeding times,always accompanied by a credentialed professional,permiting guests to film and photograph these animals in a natural and safe environment.

Amenities of Eco Park Jungle Lodge – Amazon – Brazil


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Amazon Eco Park Lodge Rooms
The lodge has 64 comfortable apartments, divided among 20 wooden bungalows and one concrete bungalow (total 21 bungalows). Each wooden bungalow has 3 apartments, with separate entrances, varandas, and bathrooms. Each apartment has air conditioning, electric showers, and screened windows.
The only all concrete bungalow has 4 apartments, all with:ᅡᅠAir conditioning, Electric showers and screened windows
The concrete bungalow is especially recommended for guests with special needs (2 apartments have wheelchair access and bathroom handles). This bungalow is also suitable for families (2 apartments each with 4 beds, or one double and 2 single beds).