Caiman Lodge – Pantanal – Brazil

Caiman Lodge – Pantanal – Brazil

The Caiman Lodge offers basic and comfortable accommodations especially for families and groups and is situated in a 530 km2 (204.6 sq miles) nature refuge. A large variety and quantity of wildlife can be seen within this refuge and in the gardens of the lodge.

Caiman Lodge – Pantanal – Brazil

The Caiman Lodges main house was founded in 1912 by English investors who built a Spanish American style house that served as the owners¬タル residence. Today, the Caiman Lodge¬タルs main house maintains its charm from the old times and can host 25 guests in 11 rooms. The lodge has spacious living rooms and a kitchen that sits 42 people. The Caiman Lodge also has three more options for lodging within its area:ᅡᅠ

The Baiazinha Lodge, which has been built overlooking a bay of crystal clear water and located 9 kms (5.5 miles) from the main house. This pousada has 9 comfortable rooms and a kitchen with cooks at the guests service. It also has a swimming pool and a natural aquarium where various fish and alligators can be seen.ᅡᅠ

The Cordilheira Lodge, a small lodge with 6 apartments, built with comfortable and sophisticated architecture in the middle of a circular forest from where the woods and wildlife can be appreciated. It is located 14 kms (8.6 miles) from the main house.ᅡᅠ

Lastly, the Piᅢᄎva Lodge which is located within walking distance from the main house, equipped with 6 rooms and a swimming pool, and from where in the dry season, the Giant Anteaters can be seen.ᅡᅠ

Some tips on what to bring when visiting the Pantanal: Light and comfortable clothes, two pairs of shoes (tennis, boots, etc.), one to be used on tours which may get dirty and wet, and another pair to change, jeans (mainly for horseback riding), hat or cap, insect repellent, sunscreen, raincoats and flashlights. In the dry season, additionally to the above items, we recommend to bring jackets and sweaters.

Amenities of Caiman Lodge – Pantanal – Brazil


  • BAR
  • POOL
  • WI-FI

Caiman Lodge Rooms

The Caiman Lodge is divided into two lodges; the Cordilheira Lodge, and the Baiazinha Lodge.

Cordilheira Lodge

The Cordilheira Lodge integrates harmoniously with the Pantanal nature. Surrounded by a wooded hillside and the branch of a lake, Cordilheira offers beautiful views but also a tranquil and comfortable environment for its guests.

Cordilheira has 5 double suites all equipped with:

  • Bedroom and Living Room
  • Bathroom with hot water
  • Powder room
  • Balcony
  • Air conditioning
  • Ceiling Fan

Baiazinha Lodge

The Baiazinha Lodge is a bird-shaped house located on the shores of a lake with crystal clear water. The lodge has 6 standard rooms facing the lake making it a perfect setting for watching the sunset.

All rooms equipped with:

  • Air conditioning
  • Ceiling Fan
  • Bathroom with hot room
  • Balcony overlooking the inlet