Anavilhanas Jungle Lodge – Amazon – Brazil

Anavilhanas Jungle Lodge – Amazon – Brazil

Anavilhanas Jungle Lodge is located 110 km northwest of Manaus, on the right margin of Rio Negro (Black River). The Lodge is right across from the world’s largest river archipelago, bathed by the Rio Negro waters and cut by Pato and Monteiro riverbanks. In the region considered as the fountainhead of the Amazon basin, Anavilhanas Jungle Lodge is the perfect place to rest and relax.

A Top Amazon Jungle Lodge

The hotel can be reached by land or by water. From Manaus, after crossing the majestic Rio Negro in one of the regular ferry boats, you will take a comfortable van across a road that stretches 180km into the woods and leads to the small town of Novo Airao. The hotel is about 15 minutes from the town sailing down the Rio Negro, and the access is not affected by the yearly droughts in the region. Transport takes an average of 3:15 hours and is coordinated by the hotel.

As with the majority of Amazonian counties, there is an extremely low population density in Novo Airao due to the low number of residents and to its vast area (37.500 km2: almost as large as Switzerland). 85% of its total area is ruled by regimes of environmental protection, so the county invests in cultural and tourism activities, taking advantage of its privileged position and ecological orientation.

At Anavilhanas, hosting by itself is not enough. All of our guests are presented with guided tours by natives and bi-lingual guides in English and Spanish at no additional cost. Each package was designed to bring out the essence of the Amazon in accordance to the number of days a guest spends at the Lodge. Spending more time with us, the guest has more tours available, and can live more experiences and reach new horizons.


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Anavilhanas Jungle lodge tours

  •  A whole day of activities to visit the northern part of the archipelago, hike through the rocks and through Madada’s Forest
  •  Nocturnal sightseeing at Anavilhanas Archipelago
  •  The unique sensation of living the Amazon Forest during the night in motorized canoes is experienced in search of night birds, sloths, snakes, caimans and sounds.
  • – Reconnaissance tour on Anavilhanas Archipelago
  •  The many channels (parana’s), lakes, and islands of the world’s greatest freshwater archipelago are explored in regional boats.
  •  Hiking on the Mainland Woods
  •  Trekking through the unstirred forest, toured by local guides who will reveal some of the mysteries of the Amazon Jungle. Knowledge about trees, herbs and fruits, jungle survival orientation and natural medicine notions are transferred to the tourist.
  •  Visit to Amazonian Dolphins and Art Parlors in Novo Airao
  •  We take the guests to a floating deck where wild river dolphins come everyday. Then, the tourist will go to 2 craft shops, where local workers offer original natural products.
  •  Recreational Piranha Fishing
  •  Canoeing through riverbanks in Rio Negro
  •  In small wooden canoes, the tourist can explore the Igarape’s  next to the lodge, enjoying the sounds, smells and surprising views of the flooded woods.
  •  Visit the Cabocla Community in Tiririca
  •  We will visit an isolated community in the middle of Rio Negro where the tourist can understand their way of life and their social organization.
  •  Theory and Practice of genuine Bow and Arrow from the Waimiri-Atroari Indians
  •  A fun and safe practice on appropriate targets using original Waimiri-Atroari Indian weapons.
  •  Sunrise contemplation
  •  Denaturing very soon in the morning in canoes, the tourist will watch the colorful sky changing with the sun rays, see the birds flying to their places and hear the noise of the waken forest.

Amenities of Anavilhanas Jungle Lodge – Amazon – Brazil

Nothing is more delightful than resting at our pool while admiring the vastness of Rio Negro just ahead, with Anavilhanas archipelago as a backdrop. Either before or after the tours, this is a site that provides enjoyable moments and what best, practically mosquito-free! Rio Negro’s highly acidic waters inhibit the proliferation of insects, making not only the pool, but all of the Lodge facilities very pleasant areas. You can choose from two types of extremely comfortable and safe suites: 16 exclusive suites in combined cottages or 4 premium individual bungalows immersed in the woods.Anavilhanas cottages & bungalows

Anavilhanas Jungle Lodge Rooms
The lodge has 16 cottages and 4 bungalows.ᅡᅠ
Accommodation Options:
The cottages are equipped with air conditioning, minibar, safe, hair dryer, hot shower and a balcony with hammock overlooking the forest.
Can be configured as double, twin or triple. They have a queen size bed , twin beds and an extra bed.
The bungalows are equipped with air conditioning, ceiling fan, minibar, safe, hair dryer, hot shower, 32″ LCD TV with SKY HD TV and a balcony with two hammocks and views to the forest. Can be configured as double, twin or triple. They have a king size bed, twin beds and an extra bed.