Amazon Clipper Cruise Premium – Amazon – Brazil

4 Stars
4 star

Travel on board the comfortable Amazon Clipper Cruises Premium fleet and enjoy the Amazon Rain Forest by boat.

Amazon Clipper Cruise Premium

You will embark in the large city of Manaus, surrounded by the wild Amazon Rain Forest that you will explore onboard the traditional intimate and enchanting Premium fleet, the highest category of Amazon Clipper Cruise Boats.

The most remote unspoilt hot spots, hard to access and far from the generally visited places will be explored all along this amazing journey, with all comforts. The Amazon Clipper Cruises Premium fleet feature spacious all-outside cabins, a window-lined dining room and an entertainment deck including a lecture room and a bar.

Amazon Clipper Cruises Premium fleet offers three itineraries:

– On the Amazon River (2 nights)
– On the Rio Negro (3 nights)
– On both Amazon River and Rio Negro (5 nights)


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Sightseeing Tours

Beachparty – Dinner at Sandbar (3 hours to all night)

After a hiking adventure day, enjoy a party dinner on an astonishing white sandy Amazon River beach that features one of the best jungle restaurants where the atmosphere is always festive, and the party is generally on all night.
Duration: 3 hours to all night

Meeting of the Waters – Observing from the Sundeck

From the sundeck, observe the Meeting of Waters phenomenon (Encontro das Águas in Portuguese), the confluence between the black coffee waters of the Rio Negro and the sandy-colored Amazon River that flow side by side, without mixing for many kilometers. This curiosity is due to the differences in temperature, speed and water density of the two rivers.
Duration: 30 min

Swimming at the Beach – Stop at White Sandbar

Early in the afternoon, after lunch, you will land on one of the pristine amazing white sandy Amazon River beaches, where you will relax, swim in some of the world`s most clean and refreshing water and enjoy one the natural peaceful scenery.
Duration: 1 to 3 hours

Visit Natives – Land Tour to Village or Family

In the morning, after an early breakfast, you will be brought to a Local Native Community, and plunge into their millennial culture. They will bring you into their daily life and describe their natural environment with which they live in harmony. The breadth of their knowledge of the Rain Forest Ecosystem is huge, as all natives collect medicine plants for generations. You will also assist to the manioc flour production and talk about the health and education situations.
Duration: 1 to 3 hours

Piranha Fishing – Canoe Tour

Tame the carnivorous piranhas in the mysterious waters of the Amazon River with this fun fishing activity. Generally spotted in small schools, they are inoffensive to humans. However, the smell of blood makes them feel excited and attracted. Fresh meat hook will be used to catch them, around which piranhas will swim, to try to get a little piece.
Duration: 2,5 hours

Bird Watching – Canoe Tour at Dawn and Dusk

Get up early and explore the Rain Forest onboard a silent paddling canoe driven by your naturalist guide. Birds are more active at dawn and dusk that are the best moments in the day to watch their flashy vibrant harmonious ballet. The changing red, orange and yellow sky colours add a touch of poetry to this bewitching peaceful environment.
Duration: 2 hours

Caiman Spotting – Night Canoe Tour

At night, spot with your naturalist guide one of the most dangerous Amazon Rain Forest predator, the intimidating caiman. The South American alligator, reaching up to 5 meters ( 197in), is the biggest one of its kind, and probably the most impressive. You will embark on board a canoe and wait till dusk, when the caimans are active, to spot their glinting eyes reflected in your torch light.
Duration: 1 to 2 hours

Jungle Walk – Rain Forest Walk

Enjoy the Amazon Rain Forest in the most simple way: walking through its narrow paths, full of life with descriptions and explanations by your naturalist guide. As inhabitants of the jungle, they have an extensive knowledge of the local fauna and flora and know the fragile relations between the plants, the animals and their physical environment.
Duration: 2 to 3 hours