Itaipava Travel and Tourism Information

Information About Itaipava

This charming little village, famous for its wonderful gastronomy, lies about 85 km (53 Miles) north of the city of Rio de Janeiro, close to the summer mountain resort of Petrópolis.

Directly north of Rio de Janeiro is the city of Itaipava, located on a mountainous landscape in the municipality of Petropolis. Less than 100 km from Rio de Janeiro, Itaipava becomes a romantic getaway during the winter months, when the climate becomes colder and the setting includes, fireplaces, wine, and an intimate atmosphere.

Itaipava has some of the finest dining establishments with some of the most high end dishes and experienced chefs in Rio de Janeiro state. Family-orientated restaurants and hotel restaurants are also available in Itaiapava. There is always some nightlife event occurring with the numerous bars and activities in the area.

For those interested in the outdoors, Itaipava has a forest, waterfalls, and incredible mountain sceneries, along with the Park of Petropolis, and some elegant architecture. Itaipava is also known for having a variety of sporting activities including country clubs and golf courses.

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