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The impressive Foz do Iguassu Waterfalls between Brazil and Argentina are one of the Natural Wonders of the World with stunning views and many activity options. The Iguassu Falls constitute a spectacular landscape of about 275 massive waterfalls, located on the border between Argentina and Brazil, where the Iguassu River (in Spanish: Iguazu, in Portuguese: Iguaçu) tumbles over the basalt edge of the Paraná Plateau. Along the 2.7 kilometer long edge, numerous islands divide the wide curtain of the falls into hundreds of individual jumps and cataracts which are between 60 and 80 meters high. 

About half of the river's water falls into a narrow U-shaped chasm which is called the Devil's Throat, and is 82 meters high, 150 meters wide, and 700 meters long.  Water pours into Iguassu’s Devil’s Throat from three sides, and depending on the water level in the river, mist rises between 30 meters and 150 meters from it, so that at certain hours of sunny days rainbows can be seen from several points along the falls. Their shape allows for spectacular views and special suspended walkways take travelers to viewpoints where they can look into the Devil’s Throat from above, or are surrounded 260 degrees by waterfalls.

The border between Argentina and Brazil runs right through the Iguassu Falls, so that Argentina owns about 75% of the actual falls and Brazil 25%. Both countries established National Parks on their sides of the falls to protect the natural ecosystem of the river and waterfalls. Both sides of the Iguassu Falls can be visited in separate excursions, and offer distinct views and experiences. In Argentina, the Rainforest Ecological Train takes visitors on a tour through the forest to two distinct hikes. Both parks offer speedboat tours on the river until right under some of the smaller falls. In Brazil, rafting through the river rapids, abseiling and tree-climbing with views of the falls are a popular activities amongst travelers to Iguassu, who can also discover the abundant nature filled with orchids, butterflies, colorful birds,  monkeys, ‘quatis’ and other wildlife. 

The Iguassu Falls National Parks are accessible from Brazil’s town of Foz de Iguaçu and the Argentinean town Puerto Iguazu, which offer good tourism infrastructure with hotels of all categories, good restaurants and entertainment options. Day trips to Paraguay’s Ciudad del Este, a technical visit to the hydroelectric power station Itaipu and a visit to the bird park to see hundreds of exotic species of birds native to the region’s ecosystem are further attractions on a visit to the Iguassu Falls.
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