Brazil World Cup 2014 Vacation Packages

Brazil World Cup 2014 Vacation Packages
Congratulations Germany!

The World Cup in Brazil was very exciting.
The atmosphere was amazing with fantastic parties on every corner of the country.
Although the Brazilian team did not display its best performance, we still have at least 5 reasons to be happy with the 2014 Brazil World Cup:
• All went very well despite all expectations
• Sportsmanship was at its highest
• Visitors were well received and had a great time
• Players loved the country and interacted with local communities
• There were lots of surprises and a few new names to be remembered
Life goes back to normal now, but this World Cup will stay in our memories. And the fantastic stadiums, underground stations and all improvements made to the world cup cities will remain.
You may still like to visit one of the Brazil 2014 World Cup Host Cities below.
• Rio de Janeiro
• São Paulo
• Salvador
• Recife
• Fortaleza
• Natal
• Brasília
• Curitiba
• Manaus
• Porto Alegre
• Cuiabá
• Belo Horizonte
See examples of Brazil Vacation Packages created for our World Cup customers:
Manaus (Amazon) and Fortaleza World Cup Package
Manaus World Cup Package

Brazil 2014 World Cup Match Results



Brazil World Cup 2014 Game / Match Schedule

Match Schedule

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Brazil 2014 world cup cities


Where visitors went between matches

Brazil is a huge country, so World Cup travelers had to think about distances and logistics before planning what to do and where to go between matches. Having said that, there is a lot to see in all regions of Brazil. You may still like to come and see for yourself. .Read more about destinations in Brazil.
World Cup visitors started by choosing two or three main cities they would like to visit, had a look at the match schedule and worked out how many days there were between matches in the chosen cities.
You can use the same logic, choosing your preferred destinations and checking the distances between cities on the table below.
Flights from Rio and São Paulo to all other capitals are very common. Not so common between the other capitals themselves. The table below will give you an idea of flight durations between cities.

Brazil World Cup 2014 – Flight Schedule

flight duration bewteen world cup cities



How people celebrate the World Cup in Brazil

Every four years Brazil lives and breathes the World Cup. During World Cup matches, especially when the Brazilian team is playing, most businesses close or let their employees watch the games while working.

Equipped with drums and whistles, Brazilians gather in full gear to watch the matches with friends and family at home, in bars and on huge screens placed on public streets and squares.

The party atmosphere during the World Cup is irresistible and is even more infectious when it happens at home. Definitely an exciting and unforgettable experience!

brazilians watching the world cup

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